Torrey Newhart

Pianist, Educator and Composer

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Torrey Newhart's Obsidian Animals Bend DEBUT

  • The Old Stone Church 157 Northwest Franklin Avenue Bend, OR, 97701 United States (map)

About the Obsidian Animals Project: When traveling, Torrey carries with him a small kitty carved from obsidian. No more than 1.5 inches tall, this kitty was sold to Torrey when he was seven years old. The kitty has now taken "selfies" in France, Switzerland, Italy and South Korea. In the Swiss Alps, kitty was the focus; while at the Vatican, kitty took priority over priceless sculptures. In addition to being a travel log, kitty has a following of its own and has become an icon for the band - out discovering the beauty we find everywhere.

The music: This is primarily the original work of Torrey Newhart, covering a great breadth of styles. "What I love to do with my music is expose people to a diverse palette of things they might not always hear together. I feel I succeed when the listener experiences something visceral or visual in their minds in response to my music, or I take someone out of their everyday lives for a minute."

The bands consists of Torrey Newhart - Pno., Sean Peterson - Bs., Adam Carlson - Dr., Joshua Hettwer - Sx./Cl., Tony Glausi - Tpt., Jessika Smith - Sx. and Eddie Bond - Gt. Don't miss this debut performance with with Obsidian Animals before their album release this summer!

We will be live recording the show and sending copies of it to anyone who pre-orders our soon-to-be-released vinyl!

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