Torrey Newhart

Pianist, Educator and Composer

Inner Limits live from the Monkey Palace Stage at the Oregon Country Fair July, 2018.

A video from the Obsidian Animals recording session!  Victory and Sorrow by the great trumpeter and composer Booker Little.  Imagine what he might have done if he hadn't left us at the early age of only 23.

Torrey's debut album MARMARA was released in the summer of 2013 and can be found here:

The first of a four-movement suite from Torrey's debut album Marmara.  This piece was written with Socrates in mind and is a meditation on the process of persistent questioning and the greater understanding that can be the result of it.

This is my take on one of the most popular songs around in 2013.  It may reveal "how I really feel" about it.  I took the opportunity to arrange the piece with the lyrics in mind for each section.  This recording can also be found on my debut album Marmara.

Something standard can be found on one of Mike's great arrangements performed on his album Night and Day found HERE

This video is from the recording session of Torrey's debut record Marmara!  Dig the know you like it.

A fun one to add to the page - this is John Coltrane's iconic piece "Giant Steps" performed with the Adam Harris Quintet during our show featuring Trane's music as a part of the Jazz Station's "Jazz Alive" series.

This is a very recent track recorded for Jessika Smith's debut album or original music for large ensemble.  Proud to be a part of it and playing alongside the great Mark Turner!  This track takes me back to when we were in Europe with the Oregon Jazz Ensemble last summer!

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